Stirrup Extender

E-Z Up Extender for Saddles

Do you have trouble getting on and off horses when you’re riding them, and has it started to take a toll on your riding experiences? You could benefit greatly from the stirrup extender offered by E-Z Up Stirrup Extender Co. When you have these adjustable stirrups positioned properly, you won’t have any problem getting up on a horse. The extended stirrups are specifically designed to make mounting easier than ever before.

There are two different ways that you can use the stirrup extender to your advantage. The first way is by pressing the button on the adjustable stirrups and lowering your stirrups down 3 inches so that you can mount your horse. Then, once you’re safely up on the horse, all you need to do is lift your toes up and the extended stirrups will go back into place like normal so that you can start riding right away.

The second way of using the stirrup extender when mounting a horse is by pushing the button, dropping it down towards the ground, and then climbing into the adjustable stirrups. From there, you can then stand up, lean against the saddle, and bring your foot up until the extended stirrups lock into place. When you take this two-step approach, your stirrups will be at a higher level, which will allow you to stand up over the saddle if you want. There are no other competing products that offer this benefit to those who ride horses regularly.

The stirrup extender does not include stirrups. But when you pair this product with the stirrups you already have, it will make them adjustable and change the way you’re able to mount and ride your horse. Call E-Z Up Stirrup Extender Co. at 877-865-1497 today to ask any questions you might have about the stirrup extender or to order one for yourself.

Western and English styles available.

$89.00 Plus
$11 Shipping and Handling.