During my duration at the Reno Rodeo in June of 2004, I was drawn to the E-Z Up Stirrup Extender booth several times. As I have been troubled with knee pain while riding, which at times was very uncomfortable, it was getting to the point where I thought I should give up riding horses. The pain in my knees made my rides very un-pleasurable. I was told that the E-Z Up Stirrup Swivels could cure my problem or at least help a great deal. I thought after all the money I have spent on my horses and tack, which adds up to a pretty sum, it would be worth the investment to try the EZ-Up Stirrup Swivel. I bought a pair of the 3” E-Z Up Stirrup Extender Swivels.
I attached it to my Rope Saddle. I rode for two hours and was thrilled to report that I had “NO” pain at all in my knees during or after the ride. I want to thank EZ Up for saving my riding life with my horses. I am looking forward to many more years of riding horses thanks to the E-Z Up Stirrup Extender Swivels. I recommend that if you are having pain in your knees while riding to give them a try.

Bonnie R.
Reno, NV.

I tried the E-Z Up Stirrup Extender this weekend. They are GREAT! I was able to ride longer without any pain in my knee that had surgery. I can’t say enough good about this product. It only takes a minute to attach them to your saddle and off you go. It was so easy…
I loaned them to my neighbor who is having difficulty with arthritis in her knees. Her problem is more severe than mine. I will let you know what she says. I may not get them back. ha ha!

Charlotte G.

Words fail me in knowing how to say thank you! Your “old fashioned” courtesy and kindness was both refreshing and humbling. My wife and I just absolutely LOVE your fine products. They are not only unique but practical and very well made with quality materials.

John & Donna R.
Wheatland, WY.