Stirrup Swivel

Saddle Stirrup SwivelIf you find that you always seem to have trouble getting comfortable on a horse while riding, it could be because of the tension you’re experiencing in your knees and ankles. Typically, the stirrups you put your feet in lay flat against the horse and turn your feet into an unnatural position, resulting in knee and ankle pain. E-Z Up Stirrup Extender Co. has solved this problem by creating stirrup swivels that will allow your feet and legs to move more naturally while you ride. The stirrup rotators turn 360 degrees so that your stirrups won’t get stuck in one place and cause knee and ankle problems.

The stirrup swivels from E-Z Up Stirrup Extender Co. are made of lightweight aluminum and are very easy to install and maintain. They have a self-lubricating nylon washer that allows them to move freely when you’re riding on the back of a horse. They will swivel around on their own without you having to do anything to them, and they will prevent you from experiencing pain when you have your feet securely in the stirrup rotators. You’ll wonder how you ever managed to ride before once you see how great they feel.

Stirrups are not included with the stirrup swivels that E-Z Up Stirrup Extender Co. sells. However, they will pair perfectly with most stirrups and provide you with the support you’ll need when you’re riding a horse. The stirrup rotators will lay flat against your legs and eliminate the stress that you normally put on your legs when you’re riding. They are sold in pairs and will be the perfect addition to your existing horse tack.

Would you like to hear more about how these stirrup swivels can make your next ride your most comfortable one yet? Call E-Z Up Stirrup Extender Co. at 877-865-1497 to place an order.

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